Azeez blasts out Burton to become British champion

Dan Azeez blasted Hosea Burton to a halt in the seventh round to become the new British light-heavyweight champion at The SSE Arena, Wembley.

Azeez dominated the fight with his relentless aggression from the opening round and he trapped Burton in the corner with a brutal barrage of punches to force the referee’s intervention.

In a fiery opening round, Azeez dug in body shots on Burton, who suffered a bloodied nose after he was wobbled by a looping right hand.

Swift right hands from Azeez continued to trouble Burton in the second round, while the south Londoner landed a thudding left hook in the third.

Azeez’s superior strength and power was on display at The SSE Arena

Azeez was firmly in command, spitting out shots with swarming attacks in the fourth, and he staggered Burton with a stiff jab in the fifth.

Blood smeared around the face of Burton and he slumped onto the ropes after a leaping punch from Azeez in the sixth round.

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Burton’s defences finally unravelled after a huge right hand from Azeez, who pumped out punches until the referee stepped in to signal the finish.

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